Navigating a New World During the Holidays

Greetings and Well Wishes
I want to say Happy Holidays but I know that for many it isn’t so happy this year. Personally, I won’t be seeing my family this holiday season and am quite sad about that but pleased that we are all on the same page, playing it safe this year. Some families are doing creative zoom sessions.  Like giving each other crafting or cooking classes. Some are doing zoom improv games. These sound like fun ways to connect. Nothing replaces hugs and laughs and sharing meals but I hope you’re also able to find comforting ways to connect this holiday season. I hope my coupons brighten your holidays. If you need comforting I’m here to offer my warm home, heated table, hot towels, healing oils, warm hands and open heart.
I can’t wait to see you! Be sure to scroll down to an updated list of services including new services that I’m so happy to now offer.
P.S. If you are immunocompromised and cannot currently receive massage I’m also offering zoom healing sessions, guiding you through acupressure points.  These sessions are very relaxing and rejuvenating and another great way to come home to yourself in a healing way.

Protocol, List of Services,Coupons Featuring a Few New Services:

  • Zoom Healing Sessions
  • Castor Oil Liver Detox with Essential Oils
  • Barefoot Deep Compression – for those who love (very) deep massage

I’m happily still able to offer massage and somatic unwinding sessions and am sticking to a firm Covid protocol. If you aren’t wearing a mask in public places then I can’t work with you until/if the mask protocols are lifted. If you have any kind of sickness -even with a slight cold or acute allergies, we would have to reschedule.  If you have recently traveled for the Holidays, I can’t work with you until you have quarantined for two weeks and the same goes for anyone attending indoor gatherings. I continue to be grateful to all of you for your cooperation and care.

Before and after each client, I :

  • Leave 3 hours between to run HEPA air filter and run it while you are here
  • Sanitize bathroom and office thoroughly
  • Change my clothes. wash my hands and arms past elbows, rinse mouth with disinfecting mouth wash

My goal is to make us both feel comfortable while keeping my office space safe for the next client. We’re all in this together and I’m grateful for the consideration, cooperation and honesty of my clientele as we get through this. I invested in some classes that have left me confident in serving my community (and beyond) at this time.

I can’t wait to see you! Feel free to book online whenever you feel ready. 

When you do book, please read my protocols (below) and make sure you’re ok with them before scheduling an in-office session.

What’s it like to wear a mask during a massage?
So far, wearing a mask is hardly noticed after we get started. The best type for massage is a light paper mask with ear straps. If you don’t have one I will supply it. As soon as I start massaging you, everything just feels better and you’ll hardly remember you’re wearing it. When face down no mask is required (see protocols below).

*If you don’t enjoy the massage you can opt out during, no hard feelings and no charge if you opt out within 15 mins. 

My Covid-19 Protocols
-in place until the protocols for massage therapists are lifted.  You can be confident that you’ll be entering a sanitized space:

  • Clients are now asked to sign a waiver and answer a few covid-19 screening questions.
  • Clients will shower before arriving (so do I)
  • (Please) avoid stopping in public places on your way (so will I)
  • Upon arrival clients’ temperature will be taken with a no-touch thermometer before entering (I check mine daily)
  • You will remove shoes once inside
  • First I’ll guide you to the restroom.  Feel free to use it. It is sanitized before and after each client.
  • You will wash hands and rinse mouth with an organic disinfecting mouth wash (So do I)
  • We both wear masks during the session. You will not need to when you’re face down because the face cradle has a pillowcase hanging which provides protection. You will have mask on then try and hold breath at which time you remove mask and place it inside the pillowcase then rest head in face cradle. Before turning over you will reach in and take your mask out and place it before turning.
  • Payment (of all types) is now completed in office before leaving. So, rather than resting in my home after the session, you will exit from the office. Therefore, please take your time in office.  As a sign that you are dressed, you can open door and I will re enter a few minutes after the session once you are dressed to complete payment and discuss the session if needed.
  • Feel free to use the restroom and then please exit.

You can now book your massage online here (coupons below)

List of Services Now accepting cash, credit, HSA and debit cards
Note: My prices have not raised in more than five years but may have to raise $10 to $140/90 min. sessions and $110/60 min. sessions in the coming year. I have not decided on a date for this and will continue to offer seasonal coupons.
60 min. Massage Session                              $100
60 min Bundle of FIVE                                $450 (save $50)90 min. Massage  Session                              $130
90 min Massage Bundle of FIVE                       $550 (save $100)
90 min. Labor Stimulation Session                      $150

~30 mins  Barefoot Deep Compression Massage         $70
~60 min  Barefoot Deep Compression Massage         $140     

~30 mins Castor Oil Liver Detox                        $50
~ 30 mins  Essential Oil Treatment                     $50

Somatic Unwinding  Approx. 2 Hour Session  in office or zoom  $180
Four month package of 12 Somatic Unwinding sessions is $1,800.00 (save $360)

Zoom Healing Sessions:                                $40/hour
ZOOM Healing sessions around 60 mins and you can schedule longer if you like. I will guide you in breathing techniques, setting a positive intention, meditation to channel healing energy into your hands and in acupressure points that relieve pain and tension and teach you self massage techniques. We can also engage in a discussion of wellness goals if you like.      


Zoom Healing Sessions?
Yes, in addition to in office visits, I’m also now certified in zoom healing sessions which have been added to the schedule. I want to make sure that healing is accessible to all of my clients, not only those who could come in person. These zoom sessions are effective and folks are loving them!

For folks who are immunocompromised
or just not comfortable yet with an in office visit, or if you always wanted a friend or family member to experience my work but they live afar, my zoom sessions are a great option! (See description below).

I’m receiving positive feedback on zoom sessions! Here are some comments from five folks I zoomed with:

“Thank you so much, I feel better already”
“Thank you, Chula! This was very appreciated”
“It was awesome, highly recommended!”
“It was really helpful doing the work right then and I would think easy to do daily. “
“It was really helpful. “

Book Your Zoom Healing Session Here (coupons below)

ZOOM Sessions are available for most all ailments including but not limited to:
Body Pain (Backache and sciatica, neck, knees, neck and shoulder, jaw, ankle and foot)
Immune BoostingPregnancy and InfertilityLabor Induction (with Ok from your prenatal care provider) 
AllergiesHeadaches and migraines Asthma, Anxiety Sinus ProblemsChronic Fatigue
Gastric Issues Menopausal IssuesSwelling/Water Retention(and more)

Book Your Zoom Healing Session Here (coupons below)

About In-Office Bodywork Sessions:Dynamic Fascial Response™ is a healing method that I developed as a bodyworker of many years. It’s a blend of structural therapies and foundational philosophy that produce a dialog of activation and response between the practitioner and the client body. The response releases holding patterns in the fascial body and, as a result, both physiological and emotional changes occur. This method resources and repurposes stuck patterns and can heal trauma, relieve pain, improve posture and health and above all promote peace.
Modalities Used in a DFR™ Session:

  •     Slow fascial release stroke with little to no oil.
  •     Pin and stretch techniques with little to no oil to increase range of motion.
  •     Resistance and release for active muscle release at full ROM.
  •     Slow and safe compression and traction to encourage circulation and mobility of joints.
  •     Cross fiber friction to tonify muscles
  •     Acupressure to encourage gastric motility.
  •     Oil effleurage to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  •     Energy work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system
  •     Deep tissue (Please dont be under the impression that DFR is deep tissue.  If you need deep bodywork, schedule a barefoot session with me)

Effective Treatment Sessions for Specific Needs Includes and is not limited to:

  • Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury and Frozen Shoulder
  • Treatment for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain
  • Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Treatment for Tight Jaw -including internal mouth work for TMJ Dysfunction (discontinued until mask protocol is lifted)
  • Treatment for Neck pain and migraine headaches
  • Sinus, Allergy, Asthma Relief
  • Scoliosis pain relief
  • Detoxing

Prenatal Massage and Massage for new mothers

  • Structural massage for ease and alignment during pregnancy
  • Postpartum Massage
  • Birthing massage (at birth)
  • Labor Induction Session (with green light from your prenatal care provider/midwife)

Somatic Unwinding
Unravel unwanted fixed emotional and physical patterns with the profound approach of Somatic Unwinding. Read about this deeply healing work here
Barefoot Deep Compression:This very deep style of bodywork developed by John Harris and Fred Kenyon is very effective.  Their book is called FIX PAIN so that gives you some idea of its power.  You might be a little sore afterward and this bodywork is not appropriate for everyone but excellent for athletic body types and folks you love it extra deep.  Technique: Client is on mat on floor. I use a foot to apply firm, sustained pressure to muscle.  Pressure is sustained for 7-90 seconds for each point depending on tolerance and the map of your holding pattern that I’m following. I’m so happy to finally be able to offer that super deep session some of you have been asking for in a style that I believe in.Castor Oil Liver Detox with Essential OilsI will massage castor oil into your abdomen and liver area with monoterpene essential oils. Then I will cover the area with BPA free and PVC free plastic wrap, towel and a hot water bottle which allows the oil to penetrate deeper.

Monoterpenes inhibit the accumulation of toxins and help to discharge existing toxins from the liver and kidneys.

The late healer Edgar Cayce was the first to promote the use of castor oil packs for healing. It was then later researched by Dr. William McGarey of Phoenix, Arizona. McGarey, a primary care physician, author and follower of Cayce’s teachings, said that if used properly, castor oil packs can greatly benefit your immune system. Castor oil is a triglyceride that is composed of fatty acids, 90 percent of which is ricinoleic acid. The essential fatty acids, in particular the ricinoleic acid that castor oil contains, encourages movement of chemical energy within the body, resulting in a detoxifying effect.

It has been reported that castor oil packing has many benefits to health. The health benefits include:

  • More effective elimination of waste
  • Reduction of nausea
  • Pain relief
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased relaxation
  • Immune enhancing benefits

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY COUPONS$20 OFF Holiday Gift Certificates$20 OFF any 90 MIN Massage
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$10 off any ZOOM AcupressureSession

$20 Off any Somatic NLP SESSION
 (In person or zoom)
Coupons don’t apply to bundles.
Valid for any gift certificate or massage purchased in December 2020
No need to print just mention this coupon upon payment.

Please honor my 24 hour Cancellation Policy.  Full charge is applied to any cancellation made in less than 24 hours.
Mark your calendar and set an alarm on your phone.

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Preventive Health

Spring is always a great time for new beginnings and it’s the season in which to take preventive health measures, especially with the viruses going around.

If you’d like to bolster your immune system or just renew your vow to your body, mind and spirit please accept this coupon for a discounted massage.

You can book on my website or private message me and I’ll send you the link to make it easy.

I am taking great care (as I always do) in keeping a germ-free environment and not accepting any sick people into my space. All clients are asked to wash hands upon entry and I’m running the air filter daily. I am bleaching surfaces that clients may come in contact with and, as always sheets are washed and clean for each client.

Let’s keep ourselves and our community healthy!

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Happy Holidays!

Massage is a healing gift to give and receive. Feel free to gift a loved one, yourself or both! Happy holidays and may your hearts and toes be warm this winter season.

You can purchase your discounted gift certificate on sale at

You can also email me to purchase.

Thank you!


Massage Coupon – $20 OFF

The blossoms are opening up and so are we as we’re getting outside more, taking in the color and smells of spring! We’re working out the kinks as we get wake up and move our hibernating winter bodies. I invite you to take advantage of my spring coupon. No need to print it out. Just mention it to me upon payment. Happy Spring everyone!

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Peace, Chula

Coupon will expire April 30, 2019


What a healing session is like for this healer

My home-sweet-home studio

After moving my studio up back up to my home, I’ve been diving deep into healing touch. In my home studio under the wise conifers I don’t have the noise distractions that I did in my downtown space and the quiet has been taking me deeper into my work.  I’ve been reflecting on how, in one session, I’m able to hold my attention in many different ways and sometimes it feels like I’m shape shifting. I felt inspired to write about it and I’m sure there are therapists out there that will relate to the expansive presence that healing touch can invoke.  If you are a practitioner, please feel welcome to share some of your own experiences.

In a single session, recipients of healing touch are slowly transitioned from a state of tension or overwhelm from all of the stimuli coming at them daily into a more relaxed and open state. Massage or healing touch helps integrate the external and internal realities and the physical and emotional body. Through this process, they may experience WOW moment(s). If you’re a recipient of healing touch please feel free to share stories of any Aha moments you’ve had in a session.

I’m honored to hold this space and I wanted to share a little about what the experience is like on my end. I’m honestly not sure that shape-shift is the right way to put it exactly but I’m using the word ‘Shape’ to describe the different facets of myself that can come through during a session.  I stay open in a way that invites each of these shapes to become and it’s in the becoming that I feel whole. I’ve somehow managed to put into words some of what makes up the whole of me as a practitioner. I hope you enjoy and I’m eager to hear your own experiences as a giver or receiver of healing touch.

Shape: The Bodyworker

There’s the obvious bodyworker part of me that’s been trained and that loves anatomy. I will step up a massage session, offering active pin and stretch methods, traction and compression, ventral and abdominal unwinding, acupressure, etc.  The practical tools that I’ve gathered over the years helps the recipient release postural restrictions that cause tension, open their range of motion and as a result the muscles that have been overworking get to take a break and often this relieves symptoms of pain or tension.

Shape: The Weaver

This is the part of me that opens to see the web of life in my client.  I open my perspective to see beyond the point(s) of pain to the web of life within which the pain is wrapped. This helps me navigate where and how to make more space for my client to move freely.

Shape: The Healer

There’s the healer who understands that human touch and nurturing can be a reminder (for those of us who spend most of our time in our heads) where exactly our toes are.  I incorporate long delicious effleurage strokes with a healing oil from the feet to the head and back down again.  This anointing reminds us that receiving touch is about coming home to ourselves from head to toe.

Shape: The One Who is Healing

There’s the healer who is also healing herself.  Healing her body, her heart, her mind. The one who knows what it’s like to live in a body that has it’s own challenges. Because I know physical pain, heartbreak and grief, I know how to listen and stay in rapport, not offer Pollyanna solutions but stay present. Before a session, I sit quietly and acknowledge the places in my body and spirit where my own healing is happening.  This brings me into a grounded, honest rapport with myself so I can be more present with my client and it builds an energetic foundation of trust.  Rapport and trust are the first steps to an effective healing session.

Shape: The Priestess, Shaman

When intuition guides me, I might conjure healing in unconventional ways. I might place the Tibetan bowls on my clients body and play them. I know what to do and trust my gut.  I respond when I’m guided to place a specific stone in a clients hand who needs it or when to bring out my fan to cleanse the body with sage and when to place a drop of ceremonial water on their forehead. Intuitive healing is a celebration of the present moment because it’s not planned.  Those spontaneous moments have a special life force to them. That aliveness shifts stagnant energy.

Shape: The Navigator

Sometimes my client has a lot they are working on and it isn’t just physical.  Because I was a student of NLP and have tools to draw on, I might help navigate an unwinding of emotions or behavioral patterns trapped in the body. We might find out who was the youngest version of themselves that felt the emotion. We might take the emotion out of the body and dialogue with it, see its shape, ask its name, find out what it wants.  This somatic healing process, coming from a non threatening presence allows the emotion to take on new resources and let go of ways that feel stuck or no longer serving.

Shape: The Spirit

There is the spiritual warrior that refuses to be limited by the human body.  The one that sees/feels that I’m part of an ALL that is immeasurable which makes me a spiritual being, walking the earth through life in a human body. I like quantum physics theories, even if its all just hearsay and ever changing.  I believe that for every finite form there is an infinite amount of spaciousness within. I might offer a guided meditation so my client can tap into this sensation of spaciousness within the body where the closed eyelids that normally shut the world out become windows gazing into the infinite spaciousness within. Moments like this can release the self imposed shackles that the mind constructs within what appears to be confines of the human body.  In a meditative state of mind where spaciousness and freedom become the reality, physical freedom follows.

Shape: The Invisible One

There is the part of me that knows that my client is ultimately their best healer and I am merely a conduit for the healing. This one gets invisible, steps aside, quiets down and allows.  Holding the cranium, I ‘suspend’ my client in the ‘field’ while emptying my mind and arriving to the oneness of ALL (some might name it God or Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, etc.) The field is pure spaciousness where there are no obstacles.  It’s where the deepest listening occurs and when I’m here in this field, I find it a most potent time to put out an invitation or prayer for healing.

A few shapes to the whole of me.



Postpartum Bodywork:
Advice for the Postpartum Massage Therapist
By Chula Gemignani
Instructor of Massage, Author, Bodyworker and Developer of
Dynamic Fascial Response™

In terms of bodywork and massage, what happens after the baby is born?

Every birth is so different but generally what I’ve experienced is that after birth there’s a time that my client will be retreating, adapting to their new life and bonding with their baby. If I wasn’t present at the birth then I make no assumption about what’s taken place. Rather than sending congratulations, I’ll send a message expressing curiosity in how my client is doing. This avoids any assumption that everything is well when there’s a possibility that there may have been complications. This way I’m sure to stay in rapport. I’ll let them know that I’m here for them when they need me for postpartum bodywork or a relaxing massage.

Once your client is ready to receive a massage they’ll invite you to a house call or will come into the office. If you don’t hear from them regarding postpartum massage, an email to them that educates on the benefits of postpartum massage with a coupon attached may be just what they need to ignite their attention towards self care once again.

How soon can I massage my client after birth?

As soon as your client is comfortable to receive it and there are no known complications.

Post Cesarean: Any abdominal massage or any core recruitment requires a wait until about 6-8 weeks when scar is healed and scar tissue is formed.

Why is postpartum bodywork necessary?

I can’t stress enough the importance of postpartum bodywork. Blending postural opening and balancing with relaxation massage is the key. The emotional load of new parenting, the lack of sleep, and the physical recovery as the body’s displaced muscles, organs and bones find their way back into place all will benefit from the integrating postpartum session.

How can I help my client’s improve their posture?

Anterior Unwinding of Repetitive Holding Patterns

The positions and activities of early parenting can be compromising to the body most of the day, every day creating repetitive holding patterns in the anterior (front) fascia. Looking down is one of the many gestures responsible for this. Forward head posture (FHP) is what causes neck and shoulder tension in new parents. Imagine the number of diaper changes, the amount of nursing hours, not to mention the hours gazing down in awe at this beautiful new arrival. And then there’s the weight of the breasts pulling the thoracic spine forward. The tension in the back of the neck and shoulders usually is coming from the constricted fascia in the front. According to Kapandji (Physiology of the Joints, Volume III), for every inch the head moves forwards, it gains 10 pounds in PSI weight. A normal 12 pound head can turn into a 32 pound head respectively. This gets translated to the muscles in the upper back and neck and they have to work much harder to keep the head (chin) from dropping onto the chest. FHP also forces the suboccipital muscles (they raise the chin) to remain in constant contraction, putting pressure on the 3 Suboccipital nerves.

This is why ventral and abdominal anterior unwinding is needed in massage for any new parent to help support good posture and to release neck and shoulder tension.

What should I expect during a postpartum session?
The client finally gets to lie on their belly and back or any position during their postpartum session. Their breasts may be sore and full of milk. A memory foam topper is helpful.

What do I do if my client leaks? MER Milk Ejection Reflex / Letdown (“Leaking”)
Breasts may leak breast milk during the session so provide a towel for your client to place under or over breasts whether lying prone or supine. The hormone oxytocin causes the milk ejection reflex (MER) or letdown.

If my client’s baby wants to nurse during the session, how do I accommodate a nursing baby? I always let them know that their baby is welcome to the session. Your client will appreciate this gesture of support. Ask them to bring someone to care for the baby if possible and inform them that if baby needs to nurse during the session it wont pose a problem because you can always switch to side-lying and still get a lot of bodywork done while their baby is nursing. Knowing this, you may want to save low back and hips for the last part of the massage just in case you find yourself working on a side-lying, nursing client. There is also the possibility that your client may not be ready to be separated from their baby at all and so you may have a fun and adventurous massage with a baby present. Think about adding a memory foam topper to your massage table for your clients comfort in side -lying positioning.

What positions are OK for postpartum massage? All positions are safe unless compromised circulation is present in which case you would use left side-lying.

Side-lying if breasts are sore (usually first few weeks) or if client needs to breast feed while in session.

Are there postpartum massage contraindications?
There are many warnings and contraindications and it’s important that you are certified in pregnancy massage or have learned those before proceeding with massage.

What if my client had a C-section? The importance of gentle and soft abdominal massage is crucial after a C section to help break up scar tissue. The surgeon’s cut may have been precise but scar tissue forms differently for everyone, sometimes irregularly and may even form adhesion over internal organs. Gentle massage will help break up those scar patterns so the client does not have unwanted back or pelvic pain. Adhesion can also prevent further pregnancies which is another reason to be sure to offer abdominal massage. There are time guidelines and contraindications for post C section massage that a massage therapist would learn in a certification course.

Is it OK to let my client talk during a session?

Emotional unwinding Your client has just gone through one of the biggest passages of their lives and will probably want to share with you their birth experience as you work. Allow for this unwinding with a listening ear. Eventually she will drop in to receiving and telling her story will help the process of letting go into the present moment. The more present they can be with themselves, the more present they can be for their baby.

What mechanical advice can I give my client?

Watch your posture, try not give yourself away.

When picking up child try not to bend over.  Instead, squat to pick up child, try a kegel and push feet into the floor to stand while engaging glutes.

Counter stretch whenever possible especially after long held positions like nursing.

Try not to favor one side.

Try slightly tucking chin to help improve suboccipital tension.

Take walks

Alternate sides when holding child.

Stay hydrated, set a timer on phone for water intake.

Sleep when baby sleeps.

Yoga, pilates, or joining a postpartum exercise class can help recruit the core when the client ready for that.
It’s good to encourage them but your client may not be ready, so be sensitive to their process and stay in rapport.

The next 5 Day Pregnancy Massage Certification in DFR Bodywork is
Feb. 15, 16, 17, 23, 24. Pre-registration discounts will expire after Jan 1, 2019. Class is limited in size and registration closes after 12 students are enrolled.
Visit to register
Email inquiries to:
Include Subject Header: “Winter Pregnancy Massage Certification ”


DFR™ Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

I have had several clients come to me with a sharp pain in the pad of their foot (or both feet) which  has been diagnosed as plantar fasciitis .  The pain is so bad that there are days when they can hardly walk or they have pain in bed which impacts their sleep.  Many doctors will prescribe cortisteroids and other injections as well as provide orthopedic inserts for shoes.  Why don’t we address the common structural problems that lead to plantar fasciitis, so we can avoid all of that?  The key to solving the plantar fasciitis dilemma is structural and Dynamic Fascial Response™ is an effective path to healing it.

Finding a therapist who has some form of fascial bodywork training or self study along with knowledge in postural alignment exercises is essential for quick recovery of plantar fasciitis. Fascia is an uninterrupted, three-dimensional web of tissue  that extends from head to toe, from front to back, from interior to exterior. It is responsible for maintaining structural integrity; for providing support and protection; and acts as a shock absorber. Therefore, when addressing this condition of plantar fasciitis, DFR™ doesn’t go straight to the pain spot and start working it. We assess the body and emotional body with a broad vision so as to approach plantar fasciitis with the integrity and ‘deep listening’ that it deserves. There are some key muscles that play a part and they are namely in the legs.  Addressing these lower posterior muscles and the posterior fascial chain that connects them to the calcaneous via achilles tendon, a therapist can relieve plantar fasciitis in a few one hour sessions.  Even one 90 min. session will cure the pain of plantar fasciitis but I would suggest two or three follow up sessions to continue to iron out any fascial restrictions whether or not posture, weight, lifestyle or compromised muscle recruitment presents the potential ‘bounce back’. 

Plantar fasciitis treatment can also be performed on prenatal clients in a side-lying position while taking great care to avoid contraindicated points and positions for special populations and conditions.


Pregnancy Massage Certification Training in DFR™

Our next Pregnancy Massage Certification is coming up and here are what professional bodyworkers are saying about this dynamic, continued education training….

“Chula’s class gave me a well rounded understanding of prenatal massage and postnatal care. Her teaching style is organized, focused, and kind. She will wait until every last person is on the same page before moving on. I will continue to take every class she offers and encourage fellow body workers to do the same!”

“She was very patient and clear and very easy to pay attention to. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious”

“I really appreciate the book and all of the reference material that was provided”

“I loved all of the fascia techniques and Chula was very organized.”

“I have found this course invaluable, not just for being able to work with prenatal clients, but for returning to my bodywork roots and once more finding my voice with which to perform…”

“I feel much more confident and comfortable with the idea of working with prenatal clients”

“This course is amazing! It has made me more aware of my working posture and how to connect it”

“I feel confident and proud announcing that I do prenatal massage. The bonus is that a lot of what I learned can be used on my other clients”

“I like that Chula showed us the proper techniques and then allowed us to modify them to our specific style”

See dates and sign up for the next training by clicking this link. 
Class size is limited to 12.

Client Testimonials:
“Chula was such a helpful calming soothing presence during my pregnancy and at my birth! She worked with me prior to my birth multiple times, and her strong, skilled work helped my back stay out of pain, and my body adapt in a healthy way to the changes it was going through. At my birth, Chula’s talented touch and grounded nature helped me make it through the worst contractions and gave me rest and rejuvenation in between contractions. Her years of experience as a peri-natal therapist built trust, and her warmth and nurturing presence was a balm while I labored. She knew just where to apply pressure and how to work on my body to give the most support. Chula’s strength and stamina was amazing! In spite of a very long labor, Chula stayed by my side for several hours and continuously gave sustained deep work that made my experience easier. Chula’s presence provided more than massage therapy – she was counselor, unofficial doula, and even stayed after everyone else left to do the laundry and clean the house!
My husband also appreciated her calm, healing presence, and her respect of our space when we needed it. I highly recommend Chula as a perinatal and at birth therapist!”
“I was fortunate enough to find Chula as my prenatal massage therapist. I am also a bodyworker, and so appreciate a knowledgeable, effective bodyworker. Chula is not only both of those, but also very professional. Chula worked on me at the end of my first pregnancy, and so when i was pregnant again this last year, i couldn’t wait to call her again. I can’t begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for her! She helped me so much with extreme pains I experienced during my pregnancy. Her understanding of the body and her ability to apply that knowledge make her a wonderful therapist. Chula is also willing to unravel the layers that might be involved in the various discomforts of the physical body. She has listened to me share from my heart, and has offered empathetic and helpful reflections that enabled me to move through emotional blocks. Even now, after I’ve had my baby, I will use Chula to help me with an on-going hip injury. She provides thorough and effective bodywork, and is always willing to listen to my needs. She is an asset to our community!”

From an article published in the Nevada Union Newspaper 2017:
“I tried a few other massage therapists for prenatal massage, but Chula was above and beyond,” said Cameron McGowen of Nevada City, whose baby is due May 24. “Her table is set up in the most comfortable way and I always experience a lot of relief. It’s all in her training — a less experienced therapist would be a little nervous. She’s very adaptable. After all these years, she has so many tools on her belt.”

Please share event invite:

See dates and sign up for the next training by clicking this link. 
Class size is limited to 12.