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It's help you to stimulate labor, attend your
birth and/or offer postpartum support.

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understanding of anatomy are effective in releasing
muscular and emotional tension.

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Barefoot Deep

excellent for athletic body types and folks
you love it extra deep.

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liver detox
with essentials OIL

massage castor oil into your abdomen
and liver area with monoterpene essential oils.

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Deep dialog to carry out an integrated healing process with counseling skill and healing touch.

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I love to celebrate the human body and
precious moments of our lives through this art!

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testimonials from clients

I was gifted a massage with Chula, and I elected to take advantage of the opportunity after a day of surgery. Needless to say, the stress that accompanies such a day is considerable. My visit to Chula’s practice was an absolute delight! Her room was warm and inviting. Her ambiance was relaxing. And, most importantly, her massage was both therapeutic and pleasurable—a difficult combination to achieve! I left feeling reinvigorated and looking forward to my next session!

Brian Retherford, MD

I was fortunate enough to find Chula as my prenatal massage therapist. I am also a bodyworker, and so appreciate a knowledgeable, effective bodyworker. Chula is not only both of those, but also very professional. Chula worked on me at the end of my first pregnancy, and so when i was pregnant again this last year, i couldn’t wait to call her again. I can’t begin to express the amount of gratitude i have for Chula! She helped me so much with extreme pains i experienced during my pregnancy. Her understanding of the body and her ability to apply that knowledge make her a wonderful therapist. Chula is also willing to unravel the layers that might be involved in the various discomforts of the physical body. She has listened to me share from my heart, and has offered empathetic and helpful reflections that enabled me to move through emotional blocks. Even now, after i’ve had my baby, I will use Chula to help me with an on-going hip injury. She provides thorough and effective bodywork, and is always willing to listen to my needs. She is an asset to our community!

Miss M

I wholeheartedly recommend Chula. She has helped my aching body during/after pregnancy and also after knee surgery. I have complete confidence in Chula’s knowledge and skills. If you need a CMT, look no further… Chula is the real deal!

Chula possesses an incredible knowledge of the human body along with an intuitive touch that make her a truly exra-ordinary body-worker. She is trained in a variety of techniques that she has made her own. I trust Chula with both myself and my patients, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Craig Roberts, DC QME

I started having pain in my left foot whenever I would walk on it. The pain was right in the ball of my foot, and eventually escalated to my arch and heal. I tried buying store bought arches which helped a little but the relief didn’t last long. The doctor diagnosed the problem as neuroma, a growth that ends up pressing against a nerve in my foot and recommended a cortisone shot, which did not work to relieve the pain. My Brother’s son was getting married in October, and I was desperate to get my foot healed. I saw Chula in a session that addressed both plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma. The next weekend I went to the wedding and was able to dance all night long in high heels!

Janice O’Connell

Massage with a Message

Chula ( CMT, Somatic Guide ) offers unforgettable, deeply healing bodywork. Her dedication to helping others heal and her understanding of anatomy are effective in releasing muscular and emotional tension. Within every session lies the message of love and acceptance. Through Chula’s nurturing touch, rediscover your body’s original state of grace.
Through her years of working with the human form and spirit Chula developed her own bodywork method, Dynamic Fascial Response™ and is an instructor of massage, offering continued education units for professionals through the National Board Of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
From broken hearts to broken bones, healers can help us find ourselves again so we can restore. In addition to massage, Chula is a somatic healer and offers somatic unwinding sessions for those who wish to address fixed emotional/behavioral patterns.

Chula Linda Gemignani has been a bodyworker for 15 years+ and a prenatal specialist since 2009 after studying under Carole Osborne.

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Healing River Massage - Chula - Profile
Chula Linda Gemignani
- Somatic Guide and Certified Massage Therapist -

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