Zoom Healing Sessions

In addition to in office visits, I’m also now certified in zoom healing sessions which have been added to the schedule. I want to make sure that healing is accessible to all of my clients, not only those who could come in person. These zoom sessions are effective and folks are loving them!
For folks who are immunocompromised
or just not comfortable with an in office visit due to Covid-19, or if you always wanted a friend or family member to experience my work but they live afar, my zoom sessions are a great option! (See description below).

I’m receiving positive feedback on zoom sessions! Here are some comments from five folks I zoomed with:

“Thank you so much, I feel better already”, “Thank you, Chula! This was very appreciated”, “It was awesome, highly recommended!”
“It was really helpful doing the work right then and I would think easy to do daily. “, “It was really helpful. “

Book Your Zoom Healing Session Here (coupons below)

ZOOM Sessions are available for most all ailments including but not limited to:
Body Pain (Backache and sciatica, neck, knees, neck and shoulder, jaw, ankle and foot)
Immune Boosting
Pregnancy and Infertility
Labor Induction (with Ok from your prenatal care provider) 
Headaches and migraines
Sinus Problems
Chronic Fatigue
Gastric Issues
Menopausal Issues
Swelling/Water Retention

(and more)

Book Your Zoom Healing Session Here