Chula has been my preferred massage therapist for years since we met in 2006, including a year-long period when I visited her weekly for massage to heal a leg injury. She was an amazing part of my healing team, and thoughtfully provided recommendations at sessions for everything from stretches to research, supplements, or other practitioners that could help my healing path. As long as I’ve known Chula she’s been continuing her education to bring the best techniques to the table for her clients. Chula’s work with the psoas, the diaphragm, the neck, and the jaw have all been transformative for my body. I like deep tissue work, and she’s met and exceeded my expectations and requests. Chula is professional and punctual, has excellent rapport and has been tender, funny, quiet, and calming with me in all the right moments, as well as accommodating music and sound requests. An hour is never enough, I always like to get an hour and a half!