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Can I get a massage during these days of Covoid-19?

[…this article has been modified as we are now in a time of self quarantine.  Please stay home and only go out for the essentials. I look forward to having you join my Facebook live videos and they will be re-posted to this link so be sure the ‘like’ this page: Healing River Massage and Counseling]

You may wonder is it safe or responsible to get a massage right now? NO it isn’t.

It’s true that the virus takes up to 14 days to show its presence so yes, folks can actually have it and not know. We need to make the right choices for ourselves and each other in moving forward to help stop the spread of this virus by staying home.

Yes, social distancing is important but what happens if your back or neck goes out or you’re nervous system is needing to calm. What happens if you’re pregnant, needing an induction massage to help support a natural childbirth hopeful to avoid a cesarean? In these cases, you probably will want to see me. So here’s what I’m doing to stay available to support you (and myself), beyond manual therapy. I will be putting self-care videos online here.

In my massage practice, I have always been proactive in keeping my office clean and sanitized and now, with Covid-19, I’m taking extra precautions of course. It’s my responsibility to be available for my clients while preventing the spread of this specific virus (and all viruses). I also have a responsibility to myself to stay healthy. [and so will not be massaging until the quarantine is over but will be offering healing sessions online]

[Once back to work] I am implementing the following cleaning and sanitizing methods:

Sick clients are (always) asked to stay home.

Clients leave shoes at door upon entry.

Clients are asked to wash hands (for at least 20 seconds) upon arrival.
I am washing my hands constantly.

In addition to standard between-client cleaning tasks such as providing fresh linens and blankets, wiping my table and tools, I am also sanitizing the following between clients:

Air: Although the coronavirus is rarely airborne and does not stay so for long, I am still running my air filter 3 hours between clients as a precautionary measure and because it feel right to do so at this time.

 As always, I wash my bedding on the highest temperature setting, use enzyme rich soaps rinse twice and dry them completely and thoroughly.
I’m cleaning the following surfaces with a solution recommended by the CDC of four teaspoons of bleach to one quart of water.

• Door handles inside and out; toilet handle; faucet
• Hot towel cabinet door
• Product containers
• Massage stool
• Light switches
• Cell phone/iPad/computer/
• Pens
• Counters/desk
• Clipboards
• Floors

I hope knowing how I’m handling this supports your decision to stay home and join me online for self massage should you need one. If you have any questions or concerns I’m here and happy to talk openly about them via a call (530) 798-9998

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Peace and good health to all,