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The Labor Induction I offer has evolved over the years and I am so pleased at where it is at now. I feel like I’ve really landed it. I do my best and trust that if baby is ready baby will follow the thread of invitation we co create in a stimulation session.

Knowing labor stimulation has been one of my biggest gifts. It’s helped some clients from having to get C-sections and scheduled inductions as well as help make a less stressful experience for the babies.

Of course, it is not a replacement for medical care but is a great means of additional support.

As long as you have the green light from your prenatal care provider, we make an effort to stimulate your labor with an induction session.

I use visualization meditation to help the client let go of any to-do list or concerns about past/future and arrive to the moment and feel safely present in their body.

I use invitation meditation to describe the date, time, season, the sky, breeze, colors trees – the details of the day – and I gently coo this all to the baby as I massage the belly and let baby know that if they choose to come today, they’ve chosen a perfect day and we are ready to receive them.

I use rhythmic, timed acupressure points watching a timer. My intuition tells me that rhythm and precise timing is key.

Working bilaterally, I start at the shoulders stimulating gastric motility first and then end around the ankles on points that help ripen the cervix and stimulate labor.

We take our time. I weave relaxation massage into it as well because that is such a big piece.

After a 90 min session, it usually takes a few hours to experience labor contractions and over the next few hours (or days) dilation and softening of the cervix occurs.

I have about a 70% success rate.

Clients have expressed to me that whether baby comes or not, this induction session leaves them feeling  emotionally and physically prepared for childbirth.


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