Prenatal Massage Specialist Training

Earn 32CEU’s
May 19 – May 22
Cedar Ridge Healing Center
12719 Colfax Hwy – Grass Valley, Ca
Join this dynamic class:
25% lecture and presentation
25% live demonstration
50% hands on practice of the material with fellow students.
  • Prenatal massage safety and all contraindications.
  • Somatic healing techniques for helping overcome emotional challenges will be learned.
  • A structural approach will be taken to teach manual therapies for massaging your pre-natal, and postpartum client.
  • Learn specific Dynamic Fascial Response massage techniques inspired by fascial release, structural integration, cranial sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and effective pin and stretch techniques all which will help your client ease through the various stages of the passage into motherhood.
  • At-birth massage techniques for a more easeful birth will also be demonstrated.
  • Up-to-date ethics concerns and solutions will be discussed for the prenatal massage therapist in the age of transgender rights.
  • Testing consists of short quizzes for each day covered which will be self-corrected and discussed as a class.
  • A prenatal massage on your last day will act as your final exam.
  • Upon completion of this course you will be a pregnancy massage specialist and will have a specialist’s confidence and 32 continued education units. A certification of completion of hours will be emailed to you in a timely manner after this class is completed.

“I’ll never forget the way it felt to massage a pregnant woman before I was a prenatal specialist. I do not want other therapists to feel as insecure or as unsure as I did. I want to keep mothers and babies safe and well cared for by responsible massage therapists. For this, I have created a practical student handbook, filled with illustrations and learning material that will facilitate this dynamic class of group and problem-solve learning, demonstrations, and upon completion, solid practitioners.”

This course is for treating the pregnant client however, there is a bonus. Most of the side-lying techniques that you will learn for solving low back and hip pain, will be appropriate for non-pregnant clientele.

“I was already a good bodyworker before I learned this material, but after learning it in 2009 my work became great, my schedule full and word of mouth has helped my successful career grow even more rewarding.”

Upon completion of this course:
You will have the confidence and knowledge of a Prenatal Massage Specialist
and will have a certificate with 32 hours of completion to frame.

Chula Linda Gemignani has been a bodyworker for 15 years+ and a prenatal specialist since 2009 and
has helped many mothers bring healthy children into our community. Chula has developed her own system of massage, Dynamic Fascial Response.  Her unique style has sustained a thriving practice. She incorporates many modalities and is widely known for her dynamic and effective structural massage techniques. In addition to massage, Chula is a somatic specialist and offers Somatic NLP for those who wish to address behavioral and emotional patterns no longer serving their life.
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