Five Day Prenatal, At-Birth and Postpartum Massage Certification PLUS a Certification in DFR™

A certification in pregnancy massage increases your business, helps your clients and builds your confidence. A certification in DFR™ gives you the endorsement for a method of bodywork that will be a resource for a lifetime. We hope all of the information below answers any questions and that you will sign up today for this dynamic course!

Join our Spring Course:
Pregnancy Massage Certification 5 Days May 3, 4, 5 Class continues for two more days at same location: May 18, 19 LOCATION: Cedar Ridge Center 12719 Colfax Highway Suite 3, Grass Valley, California 95945 TIME: 9am-6pm [ EARN 40 CEU’s, class is approved by NCBTMB] REGISTER with a $150 Deposit INVESTMENT: in your practice for this 5-day course is $650 (class is limited in size.) SALE! 600.00 Save $50 Register by April 3rd,2019 Offer ENDS April 3rd. 2019 Pay in Full or make a $150 Deposit Here: You can also email to register CLASS: DFR™: Prenatal, At Birth, and Postpartum Massage Certificate Training CE: 40 NCBTMB and DONA approved CERTIFICATE: You will receive a certificate for completing 40 hours of Pregnancy Massage SECOND CERTIFICATE: A second certificate will be given to bodyworkers for completing 32 hours in DFR™ and you will be featured on our website and receive client referrals. INSTRUCTOR: Chula Gemignani CONTACT: ph # 530-798-9998 /email: MATERIALS FEE: $60 SIGN UP TODAY: We accept payment plans specifically designed for your needs. Material Fee is for the book needed to take this training: $60 to be collected day of class. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Register Today: Register: *REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. NOTE: NCBTMB CEs are not currently recognized by California Massage Therapy Council. NCBTMB teachers are carefully vetted through a rigorous application process. Because of this, their courses are recognized by many U.S. states. Check with your state’s massage board for CE requirements as these CE’s may work for you!) This 5 day course will give you the confidence and knowledge of a specialist in prenatal massage. Student will be shown safe prenatal, at-birth and postpartum massage in an interactive group of professionals. This class will consist of about 25% lecture and presentation 25% live demonstration of the material being covered 50% hands on practice of the material with fellow students. A student handbook will be yours for future reference. This class covers: This class covers: ~ Prenatal massage safety and all contraindications. ~ Dynamic Fascial Response™ bodywork for your prenatal client, for labor support and for the postpartum client. Modalities include fascial release, structural integration, deep tissue, efflerage, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, effective pin and stretch, resist and release, traction and compression techniques. All which will help your client ease through the various stages of pregnancy. ~ Labor support massage techniques for an easier birth. ~ Postpartum strength and balancing with postural opening bodywork. BONUS! This course is for treating the pregnant client however, there is a bonus. Most of the side-lying techniques that you will learn for solving low back and hip pain, as well as the postpartum work of postural unwinding will be appropriate for non-pregnant clients . Oh wait, there’s more! The jaw release work will be able to treat to any clients suffering from chronic headaches, TMJ, neck issues or pelvic issues. I was already a good bodyworker before I developed DFR, but with it my work became great, my schedule full and word of mouth has helped my successful career grow even more rewarding. It is truly inspiring work that fuels my fire. Testing consists of short quizzes for each day covered which will be self-corrected and discussed as a class. A prenatal massage on your last day will act as your final exam. “I’ll never forget the way it felt to massage a pregnant client before I was a prenatal specialist. I don’t want other therapists to feel as insecure or as unsure as I did. I want to keep clients and babies safe and well cared for by responsible massage therapists. For this, I have created a practical student handbook, filled with illustrations and learning material that will facilitate this dynamic class of group and problem-solve learning, demonstrations, and upon completion, solid practitioners. ” ~Chula Register Today:
Student Testimonials:
​”After taking Chula’s course I now have deepened​ my confidence in serving people at all stages during and after pregnancy – the information and practice will inform my work as a doula for the rest of my life!”
“Chula’s class provides bodyworkers and birth workers alike with a deep well of knowledge and wisdom. to set them on a path of greater confidence and safety when working with prenatal and postpartum clients. Her work sets the bar high, but the class doesn’t feel inaccessible due to her caring and dedicated teaching style and great passion for the material. I would work with her again and again!”
“I love Chula’s approach.”
“Chula is a wonderful instructor and highly skilled pregnancy and postpartum specialist. Here class was interactive and very engaging from start to end.”
“If you want your life and massage business to transform beyond from where you currently are, take Chula’s Pregnancy Massage Certification. You will gain knowledge and acquire new techniques that will elevate you professionally and allow you to grow personally”
“Chula’s class gave me a well rounded understanding of prenatal massage and postnatal care. Her teaching style is organized, focused, and kind. She will wait until every last person is on the same page before moving on. I will continue to take every class she offers and encourage fellow body workers to do the same!”
“She was very patient and clear and very easy to pay attention to. Her enthusiasm for the subject was contagious”
“I really appreciate the book and all of the reference material that was provided”
“I loved all of the fascia techniques and Chula was very organized.”
“I have found this course invaluable, not just for being able to work with prenatal clients, but for returning to my bodywork roots and once more finding my voice with which to perform…”
“I feel much more confident and comfortable with the idea of working with prenatal clients”
“This course is amazing! It has made me more aware of my working posture and how to connect it”
“I feel confident and proud announcing that I do prenatal massage. The bonus is that a lot of what I learned can be used on my other clients”
“I like that Chula showed us the proper techniques and then allowed us to modify them to our specific style”
“Do this. It’s a great way to learn something that you will definitely use. It will touch you inside and out.”
“Her class gave me the skill and confidence to care
for a prenatal client while at the same time introducing me to a wonderful method of bodywork, Dynamic Fascial Response.”
“Incorporating structural work along with relaxation techniques as DFR teaches us was the missing link that I had been looking for all theses years.”
A testimonial from a labor and delivery nurse and trained doula: “I’ve had several opportunities to utilize my training. At work I’ve been using the labor stimulation points to help with inductions, and have been doing a LOT of cross fiber work in the back area. It’s so funny- I had a laboring patient walk in and grab my hand. She directed me to her lower back and demanded I push there. I started doing a hip squeeze and cross fiber massage, and she let out a moan and said “that feels SO good.” It was so funny since I had barely even said two words to her! I’ve also used the forearm work with a patient who had carpal tunnel syndrome.”
Client Testimonials:
“Chula was such a helpful calming soothing presence during my pregnancy and at my birth! She worked with me prior to my birth multiple times, and her strong, skilled work helped my back stay out of pain, and my body adapt in a healthy way to the changes it was going through. At my birth, Chula’s talented touch and grounded nature helped me make it through the worst contractions and gave me rest and rejuvenation in between contractions. Her years of experience as a peri-natal therapist built trust, and her warmth and nurturing presence was a balm while I labored. She knew just where to apply pressure and how to work on my body to give the most support. Chula’s strength and stamina was amazing! In spite of a very long labor, Chula stayed by my side for several hours and continuously gave sustained deep work that made my experience easier.
Chula’s presence provided more than massage therapy – she was counselor, unofficial doula, and even stayed after everyone else left to do the laundry and clean the house!
My husband also appreciated her calm, healing presence, and her respect of our space when we needed it. I highly recommend Chula as a perinatal and at birth therapist!”
“I was fortunate enough to find Chula as my prenatal massage therapist. I am also a bodyworker, and so appreciate a knowledgeable, effective bodyworker. Chula is not only both of those, but also very professional. Chula worked on me at the end of my first pregnancy, and so when I was pregnant again this last year, I couldn’t wait to call her again. I can’t begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for Chula! She helped me so much with extreme pains I experienced during my pregnancy. Her understanding of the body and her ability to apply that knowledge make her a wonderful therapist… Even now, after I’ve had my baby, I will use Chula to help me with an on-going hip injury. She provides thorough and effective bodywork, and is always willing to listen to my needs. She is an asset to our community!”
From an article published in the Nevada Union Newspaper 2017:
“I tried a few other massage therapists for prenatal massage, but Chula was above and beyond,” said Cameron McGowen of Nevada City, whose baby is due May 24. “Her table is set up in the most comfortable way and I always experience a lot of relief. It’s all in her training — a less experienced therapist would be a little nervous. She’s very adaptable. After all these years, she has so many tools on her belt.”
Upon completion of this course you will be a pregnancy massage specialist and will have a specialist’s confidence and 40 continued education hours. A certification of completion of hours will be mailed to you in a timely manner after this class is completed.
This course meets the 24 hour minimum for certification in DFR™. A second certification in DFR™ will be mailed to you as long as you have shown proficiency in the method and a exhibit a clear understanding of the foundational principles and philosophy.
Contact me with question at
Be sure to put PRENATAL CLASS in subject.
Chula Linda Gemignani has been a bodyworker for 15 years+ and a pregnancy massage specialist since 2009 after studying under Carole Osborne. Her unique style has sustained a thriving practice. She incorporates many modalities and is widely known for her Dynamic Fascial Response™ massage method that she has developed. In addition to massage, Chula is a somatic specialist and offers Somatic NLP for those who wish to address and work on the behavioral and emotional patterns in their life experience.
Chula Gemignani is vetted and approved for providing Continued Education Units by the National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.
Dynamic Fascial Response™ is healing modality created from Chula Gemignani’s years of experience. It is a blend of structural therapies and foundational philosophy that induce a ‘dialog’ of activation and response between the practitioner and the fascia/client body. The response in the fascia releases holding patterns in the fascial body and as a result, both physiological and emotional changes occur. This method resources and repurposes the stuck patterns and can heal trauma, relieve pain, improve posture and health and above all promote peace.
Students who receive a minimum 30 hours in DFR courses and have video taped proof OR instructor approval of student’s proficiency of the material learned are free to use the terminology Dynamic Fascial Response™ for their work.
Feel free to share this invite widely however only professionals (massage therapists, doulas. midwives, and bodyworkers i.e., chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses) will be accepted as students. Some exceptions may be considered like other manual therapists, etc.
Register Today:
or contact Chula directly at
(530) 798-9998
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