Did NLP ever change your life?

OK , I’m curious.  Have you ever had an NLP session with me or any other practitioner?  If so, think to before you had the session and where your life was at (in terms of relationship to self, to others, to your creative passions, your career, your family, your life goals, etc.) to where you are now, after the session.  Has there been significant change? After the session did your life start to unfold in ways that were different?  Less of you getting in your way and more of you becoming ? Are you experiencing less internal conflict and more of a healthy internal dialog?  Is there more flow in areas of the way you do this thing called life where previously there was blockage?  More inner peace/compassion?  I’m just thinking about the folks who have received NLP sessions from me and the sessions I have received.  When I look at their lives they all seem to have a forward momentum that was previously being hijacked by their old beliefs. When I look at my life, I see the same my essays help.  My life is rolling!  The results of an NLP session will trickle out through time.  Post session, you may or may not have that big AHA moment.  Either way, six months to a year later, because of  the subtle reprogramming that took place in your session(s),  you notice that your life has had a more then just an AHA moment, but rather a complete turn around and you are happier and healthier then you have ever been.  I’m going to post this to facebook and would love to read any comments on how NLP has worked for you. When I started my NLP training I knew that I never wanted to give up the healing bodywork I do. I did want to add a therapists’ element and have tools to hold space when my clients came to me with way more the just bodily needs. So, I created Somatic NLP.  Ultimately, I see that for me NLP is about spreading the love and a beautiful movement towards peace. You can read more about what NLP is and how I use it here: Somatic NLP