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DFR™ Practitioners
DFR™ Practitioners have studied at least 30 hours of continued education in Dynamic Fascial Response™ and have demonstrated proficiency.

Nevada County

Anja M.L-G Frydendal MT
Grass Valley, CA
(530) 320-9930
website in the works for now:

Lynn Schumann MT
Grass Valley, CA
(530) 205-7254

Marah DeFlavia MT
Nevada City, CA
(484) 302-1678

Michele Appleby MT
Grass Valley, CA
(530) 798-9101

Tom Daily MT
Nevada City, CA
(415) 722-1926

Seva Nibly MT
Nevada City, CA

Placer County

Brooke Poletti MT
Auburn, CA
(530) 305-3284

Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties

Angela Rohrer Labor and Delivery Nurse and Doula
Sacramento, CA
(972) 679-2846

Sacramento County

Angella Thrash MT
Sacramento, CA
(916) 662-0287

Jason R. Clark MT
Sacramento, CA
(916) 600-8433