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Barefoot Deep Compressive Massage

Barefoot Deep Compressive Massage: This very deep style of bodywork developed by John Harris and Fred Kenyon is very effective.  Their book is called FIX PAIN so that gives you some idea of its power.  You might be a little sore afterward and this bodywork is not appropriate for everyone but excellent for athletic body types and folks you love it extra deep. 

Technique: Client is on mat on floor. I use a foot to apply firm, sustained weigh bearing pressure to muscle.  Pressure is sustained for 7-90 seconds for each point depending on tolerance and the map of your holding pattern that I’m following.

I’m so happy to finally be able to offer that super deep session some of you have been asking for in a style that I believe in.


Compression increases circulation: Compression temporarily restricts blood flow to a muscle and when released the muscle is flooded with blood and oxygen. This moves stuck blood / qi

In holding prolonged pressure the pain cycle is interrupted. Endorphines and enkephalins are released in response to the direct pressure during trigger point treatments. These endogenous morphines block pain, help eliminate reflex arc activity and allow muscles to relax.