Chula offers unforgettable, deeply healing bodywork. Her dedication to helping others heal and her understanding of anatomy are effective in releasing muscular and emotional tension. Within every session lies the message of  love and acceptance. Through Chula’s nurturing touch, rediscover your body’s original state of grace.

Through her years of working with the human form and spirit Chula developed her own bodywork method, Dynamic Fascial Response™ and is an instructor of massage, offering continued education units for professionals through the National Board Of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. 

From broken hearts to broken bones, healers can help us find ourselves again so we can restore.  In addition to massage, Chula is a somatic healer and offers somatic dialog sessions for those who wish to address emotional/behavioral patterns.

Sessions can be for general well-being or can address specific issues:

  • Rotator Cuff / Frozen Shoulder
  • Sciatica / Lower Back Pain / Congested Hips

  • Neck / Tight Jaw / Headaches

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Emotional Stress / Trauma Relief / Depression

  • Structural Work for Pregnancy (physical and emotional stress relief for prenatal times,  postpartum and at-birth massage)

Chula Linda Gemignani has been a bodyworker for 15 years+ and a prenatal specialist since 2009 after studying under Carole Osborne.


    Can I get a massage during these days of Covoid-19?

    [...this article has been modified as we are now in a time of self quarantine.  Please stay home and only go out for the essentials. I look forward to having you join my Facebook live videos and they will be re-posted to this link so be sure the 'like' this page: Healing River Massage and Counseling]

    You may wonder is it safe or responsible to get a massage right now? NO it isn't.

    It’s true that the virus takes up to 14 days to show its presence so yes, folks can actually have it and not know. We need to make the right choices for ourselves and each other in moving forward to help stop the spread of this virus by staying home.

    Yes, social distancing is important but what happens if your back or neck goes out or you’re nervous system is needing to calm. What happens if you’re pregnant, needing an induction massage to help support a natural childbirth hopeful to avoid a cesarean? In these cases, you probably will want to see me. So here’s what I’m doing to stay available to support you (and myself), beyond manual therapy. I will be putting self-care videos online here.

    In my massage practice, I have always been proactive in keeping my office clean and sanitized and now, with Covid-19, I’m taking extra precautions of course. It’s my responsibility to be available for my clients while preventing the spread of this specific virus (and all viruses). I also have a responsibility to myself to stay healthy. [and so will not be massaging until the quarantine is over but will be offering healing sessions online]

    [Once back to work] I am implementing the following cleaning and sanitizing methods:

    Sick clients are (always) asked to stay home.

    Clients leave shoes at door upon entry.

    Clients are asked to wash hands (for at least 20 seconds) upon arrival.
    I am washing my hands constantly.

    In addition to standard between-client cleaning tasks such as providing fresh linens and blankets, wiping my table and tools, I am also sanitizing the following between clients:

    Air: Although the coronavirus is rarely airborne and does not stay so for long, I am still running my air filter 3 hours between clients as a precautionary measure and because it feel right to do so at this time.

 As always, I wash my bedding on the highest temperature setting, use enzyme rich soaps rinse twice and dry them completely and thoroughly.
I’m cleaning the following surfaces with a solution recommended by the CDC of four teaspoons of bleach to one quart of water.

    • Door handles inside and out; toilet handle; faucet
    • Hot towel cabinet door
    • Product containers
    • Massage stool
    • Light switches
    • Cell phone/iPad/computer/
    • Pens
    • Counters/desk
    • Clipboards
    • Floors

    I hope knowing how I’m handling this supports your decision to stay home and join me online for self massage should you need one. If you have any questions or concerns I’m here and happy to talk openly about them via a call (530) 798-9998

    For private somatic NLP healing via zoom you can book here:

    BOOK your phone or zoom apppointment here or Somatic NLP

    Peace and good health to all,


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    Preventive Health

    Spring is always a great time for new beginnings and it's the season in which to take preventive health measures, especially with the viruses going around.

    If you'd like to bolster your immune system or just renew your vow to your body, mind and spirit please accept this coupon for a discounted massage.

    You can book on my website or private message me and I'll send you the link to make it easy.

    I am taking great care (as I always do) in keeping a germ-free environment and not accepting any sick people into my space. All clients are asked to wash hands upon entry and I'm running the air filter daily. I am bleaching surfaces that clients may come in contact with and, as always sheets are washed and clean for each client.

    Let's keep ourselves and our community healthy!

    #springcleaning #massage #coronavirus #chula #dynamicfascialresponse

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    Happy Holidays!

    Massage is a healing gift to give and receive. Feel free to gift a loved one, yourself or both! Happy holidays and may your hearts and toes be warm this winter season.

    You can purchase your discounted gift certificate on sale at https://dynamicfascialresponse.com/gift-certificates/

    You can also email me chulagem@gmail.com to purchase.

    Thank you!

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    Massage Coupon - $20 OFF

    The blossoms are opening up and so are we as we're getting outside more, taking in the color and smells of spring! We're working out the kinks as we get wake up and move our hibernating winter bodies. I invite you to take advantage of my spring coupon. No need to print it out. Just mention it to me upon payment. Happy Spring everyone!

    Book Online

    Peace, Chula

    Coupon will expire April 30, 2019

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    What a healing session is like for this healer

    My home-sweet-home studio

    After moving my studio up back up to my home, I’ve been diving deep into healing touch. In my home studio under the wise conifers I don’t have the noise distractions that I did in my downtown space and the quiet has been taking me deeper into my work.  I’ve been reflecting on how, in one session, I’m able to hold my attention in many different ways and sometimes it feels like I'm shape shifting. I felt inspired to write about it and I’m sure there are therapists out there that will relate to the expansive presence that healing touch can invoke.  If you are a practitioner, please feel welcome to share some of your own experiences.

    In a single session, recipients of healing touch are slowly transitioned from a state of tension or overwhelm from all of the stimuli coming at them daily into a more relaxed and open state. Massage or healing touch helps integrate the external and internal realities and the physical and emotional body. Through this process, they may experience WOW moment(s). If you’re a recipient of healing touch please feel free to share stories of any Aha moments you’ve had in a session.

    I’m honored to hold this space and I wanted to share a little about what the experience is like on my end. I’m honestly not sure that shape-shift is the right way to put it exactly but I’m using the word ‘Shape’ to describe the different facets of myself that can come through during a session.  I stay open in a way that invites each of these shapes to become and it’s in the becoming that I feel whole. I’ve somehow managed to put into words some of what makes up the whole of me as a practitioner. I hope you enjoy and I’m eager to hear your own experiences as a giver or receiver of healing touch.

    Shape: The Bodyworker

    There’s the obvious bodyworker part of me that’s been trained and that loves anatomy. I will step up a massage session, offering active pin and stretch methods, traction and compression, ventral and abdominal unwinding, acupressure, etc.  The practical tools that I’ve gathered over the years helps the recipient release postural restrictions that cause tension, open their range of motion and as a result the muscles that have been overworking get to take a break and often this relieves symptoms of pain or tension.

    Shape: The Weaver

    This is the part of me that opens to see the web of life in my client.  I open my perspective to see beyond the point(s) of pain to the web of life within which the pain is wrapped. This helps me navigate where and how to make more space for my client to move freely.

    Shape: The Healer

    There’s the healer who understands that human touch and nurturing can be a reminder (for those of us who spend most of our time in our heads) where exactly our toes are.  I incorporate long delicious effleurage strokes with a healing oil from the feet to the head and back down again.  This anointing reminds us that receiving touch is about coming home to ourselves from head to toe.

    Shape: The One Who is Healing

    There’s the healer who is also healing herself.  Healing her body, her heart, her mind. The one who knows what it’s like to live in a body that has it’s own challenges. Because I know physical pain, heartbreak and grief, I know how to listen and stay in rapport, not offer Pollyanna solutions but stay present. Before a session, I sit quietly and acknowledge the places in my body and spirit where my own healing is happening.  This brings me into a grounded, honest rapport with myself so I can be more present with my client and it builds an energetic foundation of trust.  Rapport and trust are the first steps to an effective healing session.

    Shape: The Priestess, Shaman

    When intuition guides me, I might conjure healing in unconventional ways. I might place the Tibetan bowls on my clients body and play them. I know what to do and trust my gut.  I respond when I’m guided to place a specific stone in a clients hand who needs it or when to bring out my fan to cleanse the body with sage and when to place a drop of ceremonial water on their forehead. Intuitive healing is a celebration of the present moment because it’s not planned.  Those spontaneous moments have a special life force to them. That aliveness shifts stagnant energy.

    Shape: The Navigator

    Sometimes my client has a lot they are working on and it isn’t just physical.  Because I was a student of NLP and have tools to draw on, I might help navigate an unwinding of emotions or behavioral patterns trapped in the body. We might find out who was the youngest version of themselves that felt the emotion. We might take the emotion out of the body and dialogue with it, see its shape, ask its name, find out what it wants.  This somatic healing process, coming from a non threatening presence allows the emotion to take on new resources and let go of ways that feel stuck or no longer serving.

    Shape: The Spirit

    There is the spiritual warrior that refuses to be limited by the human body.  The one that sees/feels that I’m part of an ALL that is immeasurable which makes me a spiritual being, walking the earth through life in a human body. I like quantum physics theories, even if its all just hearsay and ever changing.  I believe that for every finite form there is an infinite amount of spaciousness within. I might offer a guided meditation so my client can tap into this sensation of spaciousness within the body where the closed eyelids that normally shut the world out become windows gazing into the infinite spaciousness within. Moments like this can release the self imposed shackles that the mind constructs within what appears to be confines of the human body.  In a meditative state of mind where spaciousness and freedom become the reality, physical freedom follows.

    Shape: The Invisible One

    There is the part of me that knows that my client is ultimately their best healer and I am merely a conduit for the healing. This one gets invisible, steps aside, quiets down and allows.  Holding the cranium, I ‘suspend’ my client in the ‘field’ while emptying my mind and arriving to the oneness of ALL (some might name it God or Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, etc.) The field is pure spaciousness where there are no obstacles.  It’s where the deepest listening occurs and when I’m here in this field, I find it a most potent time to put out an invitation or prayer for healing.

    A few shapes to the whole of me.


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